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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gym Buddies

Had an incredible time at the gym the other day. I finished my work out and I needed to relax a bit so I went into the shower room to clean off. I grabbed my shower bag, and hung it on the hook outside of my shower.
This hot guy was washing himself across the way with his curtain open. I saw as the suds rolled down his muscular back and into the crack of his ass. I got hard and I started to jerk off a bit, that’s when he asked me if I needed help, and he knew how he could help me. I asked him if he was clean and safe, and he said yeah man, I’m cool.
We started kissing and rubbing on one another, and I bent him over and buried my face in his ass. He moan yeah man, I need a good pounding. while I ate him, I grabbed a rubber from my bag, slipped it on and rimmed his newly cleaned ass. I lifted, buried my cock deep into his ass, making him rise to his tippy toes. forcing his head up against the wall as I pound his ass deep and hard. He starts to jerk off as I pound him harder and harder. Bodies glistening from the water as it bounces off his back, and splashes onto my chest. harder and deeper, until I tell him I’m close. I hear him say give me that load bud, I want that seed.
I pounded, and pound until I can’t hold it anymore, we both cum at the same time, making the sex climactic.
I have to say that was the best after workout, workout that I have ever had. I love my gym, but love my life that much more.

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