What's the deal with the "What If" videos?

"What If" videos are intended to provoke thought and dialogue around the notion that sex can be both pleasurable and fun. Some of the videos contain graphic images intentionally to capture the attention of viewers. We encourage you to use these videos at your organization, with friends, clients, during community events where you can ask the audience to decide how they would respond "if" they were in a similar situation. If you don't like what you see, or if you do, please consider leaving us feedback!

Sex-Pos Resources

Sex-Pos Resources

Body Electric: Educating our erotic bodies by expanding consciousness

Carol Queen: Legendary sexologist, writer, activist, educator, and speaker

Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health: An amazing center that should be located in every major city, and minor city, and well across the whole world

Ctrl Alt Sex: A great online resource whose mission is to normalize alternative sexuality and provide informed spaces for people to talk positively and openly about sex  

Ducky: A revolutionary and brilliantly creative sex educator/storyteller

Jamye Waxman: A fierce and wickedly intelligent sex educator

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: An amazing group that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions  

Scarleteen (for youth): A site for comprehensive, inclusive, and smart sex ed

ScrewSmart: No one screws as smartly or craftily as this charming trio. Philly-based sex-ed collaboration mixing wit, music, education, and a whole lotta sexy

Sex Positive Blog: self-proclaimed feminist, sexual assault survivor, queer and much much more

Society for Human Sexuality: A little resource bank for books, groups, etc.

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